Tattooed women and popular locations

Tattooed women are no longer a rarity and you can probably find as many tattooed women out there as men. The slight difference however, is that there is a lot of discussion about what tattoos look good on women as compared to men. While a full body tattoo on a male is relatively better seen fact by the experts and tattoo lovers, the same treatment is sometimes now meted out to tattooed women. The whole discussion is probably swayed in the favor of men commenting about the fact that tattoos on a woman do not look elegant or feminine. However, the moot point of the discussion is probably biased. It cannot be universally said that tattooed woman do not look elegant. It is the nature, design and location of the tattoo that makes all the difference. Various locations have their respective benefits and while some tattoo locations lend themselves to better hiding at times when you need to, others are more revealing. Also tattoos that have an ornamental designs suit women more and are more complimenting that designs that are gory and trashy. An arm ring tattoo, eyelid or eyelash tattoo or one just behind the ear can look extremely alluring and tasteful, even a freckle tattoo, if a good design has been chosen and if the tattoo expert has created a piece of art. Any tattoo, on a man or a woman, can look trashy if the design has not been executed well. Some of the more popular locations for tattoos for women have been presented below and characteristics of each have been discussed.

Neck tattoos
Neck tattoos are a favorite among tattooed women, especially since these can be done either on the back of the neck, base of the neck in front or the side of the neck in front or behind the ear. While tattooed women feel that neck tattoos come close to face tattoos, these can be hidden when the need arises. Some tattooed women also prefer side neck tattoos that extend to the shoulders.

Upper chest tattoos
Most tattooed women find the concept of an upper chest tattoo or breast tattoo appealing. This again can be hidden when desired by wearing a relatively high neck shirt. On the other hand with low-neck attire, upper chest tattoos can emphasize the collar bone area to bring attention to your assets. This is one area where you can choose a large design so as to cover a larger portion of the exposed area, if you so desire.

With armbands becoming more common in the western part of the world, a preference for tattoo designs on the arm is also increasing, specially military tattoos. While this location is considered more apt for men, many women are also opting for more floral designs on the upper arm. These can also be hidden by long sleeved attire. Tattooed women who want a more feminine look opt for arm rings that go all around.

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